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Coming Bloodbath in Idlib, Syria

The Putin/Assad attack on the Syrian people.

Resting on the support of Rouhani and Putin, Bashar Assad is planning a bloodbath in the last remaining province not under his control – Idlib in northwest Syria. With the help of Putin, he has kettled the opposition forces into Idlib. They are using the excuse that the province is under the control of terrorists such as HTS. However, recent videos show protests against the war in several cities in Idlib, and in some cases these protests are actually being attacked by HTS. There are other reports of the population of several towns organizing and driving the fundamentalist forces out of town.

In the opening shot, the air forces of Assad and Putin have attacked hospitals. This is in preparation to a general attack on the population as a whole.

General Jamil al-Hassan
Incarcerating or murdering 3 million Syrians not a problem for the Assad regime.


Meanwhile, the Iranian regime has called for a “purge” of the Syrian population. Iranian forces have already engaged in ethnic cleansing in parts of Syria, but if Idlib falls, they will do so to an even greater extent. Nor will a military victory of the counter revolution mean the end. As we reported elsewhere, Syrian general Jamil al-Hassan has said that imprisoning or executing 3 million Syrians would not be a problem.

Meanwhile, the Western socialist left in general is as quiet as a church mouse. They are claiming that the whole counter-revolution (and that’s what it is) is really just opposition to a US inspired attempt at “regime change”. But if that were so, then how explain that US policy is to prevent anti-aircraft weapons from reaching any rebel forces?

Jeremy Corbyn
He has inspired tens of thousands of workers and youth in Britain. As such, he is probably the most prominent socialist in the “West”. He should speak up about the war crimes in Syria.

Nor is this a little detail. If the socialist left were to organize mass protests throughout Europe and the US, it would have an impact as far as staying the hand of these mass murderers – Putin, Assad and Rouhani. Truly, the silence of the socialist left on what is becoming the greatest crime of this new century shows how far the socialist movement has degenerated. Is it really any less of a disaster than the domination of Stalinist ideas and methods in the 1930s?

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