Battle of A’s Stadium, Round II

Under pressure, the Peralta Community College Board of Trustees voted against negotiating with the A’s over privatizing Peralta land for the A’s new stadium. Yet few at Laney Community College trusts the board. Partly that’s because they have not really been forthcoming with us. Partly it’s because they still are allowing Chancellor Laguerre to run the show and Laguerre clearly wants the stadium. There’s good reason not to trust them, since the interests of the real estate speculators dominate Oakland politics. (See this article for a more detailed explanation.) So we mobilized along with community members to speak at the December board meeting. Here’s a short video of that meeting:

Note: We thank Labor Video Project for the clip of Oaklandsocialist speaking. To see all the speakers, see “A’s Billionaire Owner Fisher Loses Laney College Land Grab-Labor Community Speak Out” on Youtube.

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