Make anti-fascism and anti-racism international!

To those who will be protesting the fascists and similar types in San Francisco and Berkeley next week:

Will you also be opposing those among us who oppose the racists and fascists at home but support similar types abroad?

On the one hand, we’re talking about the Anti-Defamation League and other Zionist groups who have strongly

Anti African immigrant race riot in Israel

condemned the anti-Semites who marched in Charlottesville. But these same ones ignore (at best) and defend (all too often) the open racists in Israel. They defend the racist, and far right-wing Netanyahu, Israel’s Donald Trump.

Then there are the groups like ANSWER, Workers World Party, and a whole host of others. While they oppose

The swastika-like symbol of the SSNP.

Trump and racism at home, they defend a far more brutal dictator abroad – Basher Assad – and defend his sponsor, the Russian Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin. We should remember that Assad depends in part on the support of the outright fascist Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP). We should remember that Putin bases himself on Great Russian chauvinism and is close to the Russian fascist Night Wolves.

Putin with Alexander Zaldostanov, leader of the fascist Night Wolves

It is no accident that many of these fascists and racists here in the US strongly back Assad and Putin.

If we’re going to be anti-fascist and anti-racist at home, let’s be international about it.

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  1. I think the article should also have mentioned that some of those on the left (in domestic affairs) who support Assad and Putin also support actual fascist mini-regimes in Ukraine (and that in the name of anti-fascism) perhaps just because Putin backs them. If Maduro is toppled by the rightists in Venezuela he will also be reaping the fruit of having supported the international counter-revolution against democracy. It was the height of folly for a government brought to power by just such a revolution in its own country to want to crush it abroad.

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