Report from Germany: SPD leader supports far right

Report from a comrade in Germany:

Dear reader,

Heiko Maas of SPD

Today I’d like to inform you about an interesting as well as disturbing fact.

After the G-20 protest in Hamburg, the german justice minister Heiko Maas (SPD / social democrats) announced in the BILD newspaper that he was pro “Rock against the left” events.
“Rock Against the Right”
It has a long tradition in Germany that after deeds of radical right violence, people organize “Rock against the right” concerts, now the time has come for “Rock aganst the left”, he said.
“Rock Against the Left”
While  I write these lines, in Thuringia (Southeast Germany) happens the so far biggest “Rock against the left” open air festival of the year. Organized by neonazis and radical right activists, 6000 visitors attended the concert (5000 have been expected).

Neo-Nazis at rock against the left concert

Also this has a long tradition.

Rock music against the left is by the name “Rock Against Communism / RAC” a number of concerts as well as a music style. Simple Punk-Hardrock-Music, hoarse yelling vocals, very aggressive lyrics against migrants, lefts, jews, homosexuals. Specially the slogan “Rock gegen links” is also the name of a song by the neonazi band “Freikorps”.
Obviously the neonazi movement feels itself extrem on a tear now. While the concerts have been organized in the past semi-official or covert by members of Hammerskins and Blood & Honour, now the justice minister engages for it!
G20 Protests

G 20 protests in Hamburg
Although the overwhelming majority of the protest was different, the capitalist media and their politicians tried to discredit it with scenes like the one below.

76,000 people were protesting peaceful against the G-20 gathering, only a small number started rampage and riots.
And while 20,000 cops offered partly extreme brutal violence against harmless people and even against journalists, they absolutely didn’t get the hang of some dozen or hundred rioters. And no one knows who really were them – really lefts? Or rather hooligans, anarchists, criminals, even right wingers? I mean, a real left person would never destroy the property of poor people, right? And although nobody can claim that left activists were responsible for the violence, we witness momentary the largest anti-left media smear campaign I can remember. Specially AfD, CDU / CSU, FDP and SPD have one common bogeyman – the left! Which reminds me, by the way, a little bit to the Gleiwitz incident.
Justice minister Heiko Maas has dumped a huge can of gasoline into the fire by demanding “Rock against left” and gave a massive upturn to the right wingers. All the people who believe in a “left lair” here in Germany, containing social democrats, greens and socialist, please note: If Mr Maas speaks against the left, he surely doesn’t see his party as “left”. And as he supports rather rights (who, if not rights, should play music against lefts?), it seems clear, that there is no “left lair”.

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