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Steve Bannon, Tulsi Gabbard and Syria Social Nationalist Party

It is always helpful to get a glimpse of the internal dynamics of the enemy’s central command (the Trump administration), and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s (D. HI) recent trip to Syria helps us get such a glimpse. (Dennis Kucinich, another liberal icon, also went on the trip.) Let’s not forget that she met privately with Trump shortly after his election to discuss “our current policies regarding Syria, our fight against terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria], as well as other foreign policy challenges we face,” according to Gabbard. We also should not forget that she has expressed no criticism of Trump.

Tulsi Gabbard. She was a guest of the SSNP in Syria. Note the Swastika-like insignia of this fascist party.

Tulsi Gabbard.
She was a guest of the SSNP in Syria. Note the Swastika-like insignia of this fascist party.

Her trip to Syria was set up by officials of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and they appear to have been her escort while she was in Syria. This shadowy party has long lurked in the Shadows of Syrian and Lebanese politics. It advocates a “Greater Syria” that would include Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine/Israel and even down into Kuwait. Founded in 1932, it supported the Nazis in WW II and is an outright fascist party. Until recently, it was just a fringe party in Syria. However, Assad has increasingly relied on the SSNP troops, and according to this article (which also gives some good background to the SSNP), Assad turned over the administration of Homs to the SSNP when he retook that city in 2014. And the Syrian Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, is a leader of the SSNP.

Bearing in mind that Gabbard had recently met with Trump to discuss Syria, and bearing in mind that the Pentagon reportedly knew about her visit, it seems overwhelmingly likely that she unofficially went on behalf of Trump & Co. But the question is, who set it up? Who made the links with the SSNP? Why, Steve Bannon, of course!

Breitbart & SSNP
In 2011, when Assad seemed to be sitting firmly in the saddle, Bannon’s Breitbart carried several articles condemning the SSNP, but they have changed their tune since. Here is one article praising the SSNP’s role in 2015, for example. And there is something else: As advocates of a “Greater Syria”, the SSNP is opposed to religious sectarianism and has quite a base of support among Syrian Christians. As a forum for far right Christians in the US, this is another reason for Breitbart to support the SSNP.

So we see another indication of the elevation of the role of Steve Bannon in the Trump administration. We also see the filthy role of liberal Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard and Dennis Kucinich, who apparently have no problem associating with fascists such as the SSNP.

None of this should come as a surprise to those who are serious about politics and have looked into the real Tulsi Gabbard – the one who supports the Hindu sectarian BJP and is in league with the right wing. American Enterprise Institute.

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  1. More smears by Oaklandsocialst
    Regime-change wars are big money and Rep. Gabbard’s swatted the hornets’s nest of the neocon and neoliberal MIC wars by opposing them, in part by introducing bipartisan legislation to Stop Arming Terrorists. https://gabbard.house.gov/news/press-releases/video-rep-tulsi-gabbard-introduces-legislation-stop-arming-terrorists

    The SSNP allegation was denied by Kucinich and Khawam. http://thehill.com/news/house/316634-gabbard-allies-rush-to-her-defense-after-assad-meeting

    • They can deny it all they like, but the article linked to in this article above makes things pretty clear. And if the SSNP was not the ones who set up the trip and escorted these two liberals around Syria, then who was it? “ACCESS” – a group that hardly has any real presence at all? And is it just a coincidence that the SSNP has a base among Syrian Christians and Gabbard’s report emphasizes her contact with Christian leaders? Really? As far as the other allegations, given Gabbard’s anti-Muslim bigotry (via her links with the Hindu sectarian BJP), I don’t think any of her reports can be taken at her word.

      I have no idea who “Angel” really is, but all too many people in this country simply see things in countries like Syria as a matter of US regime change wars. The people in that country, and similar ones, have no agency. They are not independent actors on the stage of history, according to this view.

      By the way, I wonder if “Angel” shares Gabbard’s all-out support for Israel and what she/he thinks of Gabbard’s links with the Sheldon Addelson family.

  2. Basically. this looks like a war against Gabbard….to what end? I’m not in favor of continued support of Israel domination of Pakistanis, but then I’m not a seasoned veteran. I think the billions we have ‘loaned’ a country whose citizens are literally better off in the ‘benefits dept than we are could be used at home. People are tired of the administrations ignoring the obvious solution to fossil fuel control of our energy needs. Time for solar, geothermal and wind energy to take the lead, which ultimately would put the MidEastern Oil sheiks out of business and eliminate oil industry control of our government. Yes, that would have devastating effects on their economy, but if handled and phased properly, with our help on other enterprise fronts, perhaps there could be a cooperative peace waged to create union instead of constant acrimony. It’s time ALL religions ot their heads out of their *sses and realized GOD didn’t divide himself up into all these “one true God” notions…. HUMANS did. Peace, love, harmony…those are godlike qualities. Try focusing on that for a change.

    • What is your point, Nate? That Gabbard criticized Trump just recently for defending the Saudi regime? So what? How is that relevant to the other points about her in both this article and the other one whose link you see here? Please comment on the main points about Gabbard.

  3. And of course, she didn’t actually criticize Trump. She’s a master equivocator. Isn’t it interesting how Socialists are having to out Corporatist Russian-puppets like Gabbard? Such is life in the Upside Down. Assad is a monster, the BJP is a fascist, Nationalist organization. She never denounced Bannon or Trump, but she SURE as hell called the Antifa protestors “Terrorists” when they vandalized Tucker Carlson’s home.

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