Muslim Ban: Trump’s Hornets Nest

On Saturday, President Trump banned Muslims from certain countries from entering the US. Within hours, there were mass protests at airports throughout the country. Donald Trump has stirred up a hornets nest and it’s not going to die down so easily. Here is a video of some of the protest at the San Francisco airport – base for the carpenters wildcat strike which shut down construction at this same terminal back in 1999.

Note: Mention is made here of the carpenters wildcat strike of 1999 which shut down construction of this very building. Here is a video of that strike. And here is a longer article, giving a history of that strike. The union leadership has done everything in its power to crush that fighting union spirit, but it is the coming movement that can play a big role in its revival. This will play a major role in transforming the political situation in the US.


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