You couldn’t make this s_t up!

Regarding the “golden shower” Trump rumors:

CNN hinted at this is a recent broadcast when they reported that a CIA briefing of Trump and of Obama included an “addendum” which said that Putin & Co. may have “compromising information” on Trump. Whether the particular rumor about this information is true or not (the “golden shower” rumor – that Trump hired some prostitutes in a Moscow hotel to urinate on a bed that the Obama’s had slept in), there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that there is tons of “compromising” information floating around out there about this most depraved member of a depraved class. It’s one way the capitalist class will have of keeping him in line and this CIA briefing was a way of indirectly reminding him of this fact.

Meanwhile, we can talk about a leadership crisis in the working class; the capitalist class has a leadership crisis!

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