Trump: A Method to his Madness

When Corporate America installed George Bush as president, it indicated a shift in foreign policy. Drunk with the collapse of “Communism”, they believed that as the world’s unchallenged military power, they could invade anywhere, without allies, and thereby completely dominate the globe. The disastrous (for them) invasion of Iraq was the final straw; they realized that  unchallenged military might isn’t the one and only factor. Diplomacy (gaining allies – both of other governments and inside any country) matters.

That’s why they installed Obama.

Trump Outside the Establishment?
It has been widely thought that Trump ran completely outside the Republican establishment. That is partly true, but only partly so, and the appointment of Republican Party chairman Rence Priebus as his chief of staff tells a lot: Many, including this writer, thought that this appointment meant a bow towards that Republican establishment, but there’s a hidden story. According to an article in the Washington Post, Priebus is one of those in the Republican Party that believes that US capitalism must reset its relations with China, including forging closer relations with the Taiwan government. Already, this has been played out by the phone call from the Taiwan head to Trump. This same article says that that phone call must have been planned weeks in advance; it was not some spur of the moment call accepted by a novice who doesn’t know the past policy of the US government.

“Make America Great Again”
This fits with Trump’s demagoguery around “make America great again”, linked with trade policy. Doesn’t it fit in perfectly with a new, more aggressive policy aimed at China? In fact, Obama had already started down that road with is “turn towards the Pacific”, moving some of the US naval fleet out of the Mediterranean and into the Pacific.

But that has been inadequate. Chinese capitalism continues to expand its influence, both in Asia and globally, especially in Latin America and Africa. “Diplomacy” has not worked to stem the tide, so now US capitalism has to turn to a more aggressive approach. They didn’t want Trump as president, but now they’ve got him and they are going to make use of his campaign. Look for sharply ramped up conflicts between US and Chinese regimes.

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