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“Every Arab must get a bullet in the head”

What is so significant about this video is not the last line spoken by one of the Israeli racists: “Every Arab must get a bullet in the head.”

No, what is so significant is that here the crowd is chanting that “Bibi” (Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister) “betrayed us.” Netanyahu was elected on an appeal to racism. He represents the right wing of Israeli politics. And here he is being called, in effect, a traitor.

In other words, this sinister force of Israeli fascism is growing. And don’t expect “Bibi” to stand up to it. On the contrary, he will make further concessions.

This is part and parcel of the rise of racism and outright fascism (Islamic State, for example) globally.

US capitalism is somewhat more stable than elsewhere. That means that such forces won’t get as wide a base here, but we must not think we are immune from this.

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  1. Israelis are worried about “leftists” delegitimizing their beloved “most moral” army. The U.S. and Israel DO have shared values. The anemic U.S. left has barely tried to delegitimize our own killing machine. If and when we do, such hate-filled rallies could erupt here.

  2. We’re already starting to see a hint of this here, with the Trump rallies. What they have in common is the not-so-underlying threat of violence. Anybody at those rallies in Israel who opposes the racism there would certainly have been beaten up, just as has happened at the Trump rallies. But there is a difference. There is an openly fascist trend in Israel. It’s related to the racist basis of the very State of Israel and the instability inherent within it.

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