President Trump Inaugurated — Dozens Hurt, Scores Arrested

President Donald Trump giving his inaugural speech.

President Donald Trump giving his inaugural speech.

January 20, 2017. Dozens of people were injured and over 100 arrested as protesters

The scene at President Trump's inauguration

The scene at President Trump’s inauguration

clashed with Trump supporters and police at the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, who becomes the 45 president. His path to the White House certainly was a strange one.

In February of last year (2016), former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave a major speech in which he condemned the legacy of former president Bill Clinton, after which his campaign staff resigned en masse, causing his campaign to slowly disintegrate. This did little good for his rival and eventual Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, as her base of support among black voters slowly collapsed as they came to realize what she and her husband had really stood for. Following a raucous Republican convention and a Democratic convention which some observers labelled as “dispirited” and “pessimistic”, Clinton’s figures sank ever lower in the polls and a record-low turnout led to the victory of Donald Trump.

Senator Bernie Sanders collapsed on election night with the comment “this isn’t what I intended at all.” He is reported resting at home at this time.

Hillary Clinton was on hand to offer President Trump congratulations and best wishes. Vice President Sarah Palin was also by Trump’s side. (It was rumored that he said he’d selected her as his running mate as his “best life protection. Better than the Secret Service.”) In his inaugural speech (before which he refused to shake the hand of outgoing President Barack Obama – to loud cheers from his supporters), President Trump opened with a reference to the disorder and arrests during his presidential parade.

“Every good American loves a parade,” he said. “And those that don’t can just get the hell out. And if they don’t, then we’ll make them wish they’d left, let me tell you. We have no place in this great country of ours for those who want to disrupt our great country’s great traditions.

“And speaking of getting out, I made a promise to you that I was going to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, and I’m gong to start on that tomorrow. That’s something I always did as a successful business man: I didn’t wait around. There’s no time like now to get started. It’s going to be so high and so strong. You wouldn’t believe it. And we’re going to build a big one-way door in that wall to kick out all those illegal immigrants.

“And we’re going to talk to the Israelis to get help building that wall. ‘Cause they have lots of experience building walls. Lots of experience. They have lots of experience building jails for Moslems and other trouble-makers too, and we just might see how they’re doing that.

The Israeli apartheid wall.

The Israeli apartheid wall.

“You know, I have a lot of respect for those Jewish people. Some of them, by the way – you couldn’t tell the difference between them and a regular American. (At this point, Trump grabs his nose with his hand to indicate the difference.) And they’re very smart people. Very smart. My accountant, he’s a Jewish person, and he’s saved me a bundle of money in taxes over the years. Let me tell you. Hundreds of thousands… hundreds of thousands. Of course, to a guy as rich as I am, a few hundred thousand isn’t all that much, but every penny saved on taxes is a good thing. Am I right? 

“So, one of my first plans is to have a sit-down with Ben Netyou… Netnyou… Well, he’s

Benjamin Netanyahu. He will be Trump's closest ally.

Benjamin Netanyahu. He will be Trump’s closest ally.

the President or Prime Minister or whatever they call it over there. I’m going to sit down with him and we’re going to have a good talk. You know, I already got congratulations from him. He’s a real class guy. I can tell we’re going to get along great. So, we’re going to have lots of friends and allies. Lots of them. And if you don’t like us… Well, America is back, baby! So you know what you can do about it.”

With that, he repaired to the White House.

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