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Goodbye, Santa

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We had to say our final farewell to Santa. He defined what a good old dog is. As a 9 month old puppy, he had gotten out of his yard and was lost. Sonja passed him by, said “good dog” to him and he followed her home and lay in the street outside our house. Sonja pointed him out to me (without telling me he’d followed her home), and I went out and gave him some food and water and he followed me up to our front door. The next morning, I came out and he hadn’t moved, so we took him in. That was Christmas morning so we named him Santa…..

Goodbye, Old Boy
Good bye, old boy. You helped me to see that as Sonja says, “dogs are people too,” or in reality, we’re all animals trying to survive on this planet together. You’ve made me a better person.

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