US Presidential Race Gets Interesting

The US Presidential race is starting to get a little interesting. On the Republican side, we
have the racist buffoon demagogue, Donald Trump, leading the pack with close to 25% support among Republican voters. It’s hard to see how the Republican tops can allow him to represent their party in the presidential race, but this writer made a categorical prediction about Bernie Sanders before (that there was zero chance he would get the nomination). Maybe we’ll have to eat those words, although it still seems extremely unlikely for him to win the Democratic nomination, but consider the numbers according to the latest poll:

Democratic voters support for the two main candidates:

  • one month ago: Clinton: 59%,   Sanders 19%
  • Two weeks ago: Clinton 51%,    Sanders 22%
  • 3 Days ago:        Clinton 49%     Sanders 30%

Consider the longer term perspectives:

If Trump wins the nomination (extremely unlikely) this will nearly guarantee a

Nowhere else in the world would 25% of the voting age population take this buffoon seriously.

Nowhere else in the world would this buffoon be taken seriously.

Democratic victory.

If a moderate Republican wins the nomination, Trump is likely to run as a third candidate, nearly guaranteeing a Democratic victory.

If a right wing fanatic like Ted Cruz wins the Republican nomination, a Democratic victory is likely (but not guaranteed).

If Sanders is the Democratic nominee (which still seems very unlikely unless there is a mass movement from below) and wins the presidency, he will be facing total opposition, including from his own party, in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Talk about “gridlock”! That is, unless he completely capitulates, which would lead to a disastrous collapse in confidence for the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton. Her lack of credibility means that as president she would have a hard time holding things together.

Hillary Clinton. Her lack of credibility means that as president she would have a hard time holding things together.

If it is Clinton, US capitalism will have a president who is completely wooden and unconvincing, even compared to the other corporate politicians; she completely lacks the charisma of Obama or previous presidents, yes, even including George Bush. This will be at a time when US society will be facing ever greater conflict. And their #1 salesperson will be completely lacking in sales appeal.

And if, somehow, a Republican wins, well then all bets are off.

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  1. I share your disdain for politicians – I just no longer think of politics as a Republican/Democrat equation. Certainly not a Trump fan but we desperately need people in Washington that aren’t and won’t become politicians.

    • It’s simply a matter of which class they represent. The Democratic Party was founded by the slave owners and was taken over by Corporate America – otherwise known as the capitalist class – after the Civil War. The Republican Party was founded by the capitalist class in their struggle with the slave owners for who would dominate the continent. What we need is representatives of the working class people of this country and a political party based on working class people. Here is a more in depth explanation of the concept.

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