Greece votes “No”

Greek people rally for "no" vote.

Greek people rally for “no” vote.


Greece is at the center of the struggle against making workers pay for the crisis of capitalism. This affects us all – the struggle against racism (since the “1%” seeks to use racism and xenophobia to distract and confuse workers and young people), the struggle of young people in the US to get out from under student debt and find a decent-paying job, you name it.

That’s why it’s important the Financial Times is reporting that with 85% of the votes counted, Greeks are voting by 61.5% “no” to the European “partners”.  This means they are voting against making Greek workers and small business people pay for the crisis of capitalism. This means that they have decided by a large majority not to knuckle under to the demands of European capital (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – also called “the partners” by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras) to just accept whatever cuts are demanded of them.

What comes next?

Will there be a movement to occupy the banks and big businesses? Will there be a campaign against privatizing the Port of Pireus, including occupying the port if necessary? Will the movement systematically reach out to the striking German workers? And what will be the position of the Syriza government tomorrow?

Whatever follows, the overwhelming “no” vote is a victory for the struggle against the demands of Corporate World.

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  1. Time to leave they EuroZone and nationalize the currency and banks. Until Greece does that, they will be under the tyranny of Global Capitalism.

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