More video from Ferguson

Here is some more video taken in Ferguson last August. (Note: If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will find some more video, including interviews.)

These three show the scene at the QT lot, which was the central gathering place. You can get a sense of how important it was for the community.


“Socialism is the only way,” says this young man.


All day long, the QT lot was a gathering spot. People brought out food and water to share. Here is one of a couple of food tables. The morning after the cops tear gassed the protesters, they barred people from gathering anywhere, meaning this lot was closed down. This ban was later thrown out by the courts.


This shows the scene on the street bordering the QT lot. This was a real people’s street theater.

These show the protest on the night the cops shot off the tear gas. The next morning, they shut down the QT lot.

These show the cops having removed their badges when the closed down the central gathering place – the QT lot.

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