Cliff Willmeng: Interview with a “Fractivist”

Fractivist Cliff Willmeng speaking on behalf of the Colorado Community Rights Initiative.

Fractivist Cliff Willmeng speaking on behalf of the Colorado Community Rights Initiative.

We interview Cliff Willmeng, one of the leading anti-fracking activists (“fractivists”) in Colorado. In this video, Cliff explains several points:

  • How communities in Colorado are moving to ban fracking and, thereby coming into direct legal conflict with the entire political structure
  • How the corporations really control the political and legal system and how the anti-fracking movement has come into conflict with Corporate America in general.

He discusses the Colorado Community Rights Initiative.

  • “The Colorado Community Rights Amendment would be the natural class interests of the working class.”

He explains the relationship between fracking and capitalism.

  • “Fracking is a natural extension of capitalism.”

He comments on the Trans Pacific Partnership:

  • “It’s our obligation to make those kinds of trade agreements fully unenforceable.”

He explains his view of the relationship between his struggle and the struggle in Ferguson:

  • “If you don’t have the right to walk down the streets without being shot by the police, there’s really no community rights at all.”

He discusses his previous strategy for his own life and that of his family:

  • We had no concept, absolutely no concept, that we were going to be moving out here (to Colorado) onto a shale formation and essentially be undertaking the fight of our lives.”

Those wanting to contact the Colorado Community Rights Network can e mail them at: CoCommRights@gmail.com

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  1. Today, one day after this interview was published, the Wall St. Journal carried a column on fracking. They wrote:
    “If not for fracking, oil would probably be $200 a barrel and gasoline $6.50 in the U.S.Western economies would likely be in free fall. The grudging U.S. recovery would be in retreat. The modest and possibly illusory green shoots seen in Europe, largely a function of cheap oil and a strong dollar, would wither. Japan would be even more of a write-off than it already is.

    Russia would be even more emboldened in its geopolitical predations. Vladimir Putin would be raking in vaster bucks, rather than vastly diminished bucks, for his oil. Europe and the U.S., feeling broke and bedraggled, would be even less eager for confrontation.”

    This shows how absolutely central fracking is to the entire global strategy of the US capitalist class. The fractivists are not only fighting local politicians and one or two oil and gas companies; they are fighting the entire US capitalist class. This is crucial battle that must be fought.

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