More on the Liberal Democrats

We previously posted an article with Wall St. Journal comments that helped expose the role of the liberal Democrats. Now, the Wall St. Journal is at it again, and as many people as possible should benefit from their writing. Yesterday (Monday, 1/5/2015) they had an article on the lack of challengers to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Party leadership would like some more liberal candidates. Some of what the WSJ writes explains why:

“State Democratic officials also want a contested race because that boosts the party apparatus and fundraising. Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign attracted scores of volunteers who remain active in the party. Various presidential hopefuls, moreover, serve as star attractions for fundraising dinners and barbecue cookouts across the state.”

In other words, the liberal wing serves to help fund raising, attract more attention to the Democrats, and draw in activists. As far as making any real changes? Not so much.

Categories: politics, United States

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