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Facts and propaganda re: Michael Brown homicide

In the coming days, there will be increasing “evidence” that officer Wilson had reasonable cause to fear for his life. The corporate controlled mass media will be the main outlet for this. And the facts of what actually happened are important. The problem, though, is that it’s so very difficult to actually know what happened because we know that the only time the agents of the criminal (in)justice system tell the truth is when it suits them. We also know that they are perfectly willing to plant evidence.

Take the case of O.J. Simpson and the famous bloody glove allegedly found in Simpson’s car by police officer Mark Fuhrman: Fuhrman was alone in the car when he “found” the glove. He also had a long history of making racist remarks, including regular use of the “n word” and objections to interracial couples. His big mistake was “finding” a glove that was too small to fit Simpson’s hand.

That’s only one of the most celebrated cases, but it’s not isolated. All you have to do is do a Google search with the words “police planting evidence video”.

That’s part of why the claim that there was blood in Wilson’s car is not decisive. The other reason is that as one forensic pathologist explains, the question is whether the blood is in a splatter pattern or smears. If it was the second, this means it could simply mean that somehow somebody was dripping some blood, not that Brown was shot at close range.

The most damning evidence against Wilson is this interview with a forensic pathologist:

From this interview, it seems certain that Brown was shot multiple times as he was falling down face forward. Then there is this analysis of Wilson’s testimony before the Grand Jury. As the analysis points out, while his testimony strains logic, that doesn’t prove it’s a lie. But the point is that the whole purpose of a trial – which the DA and the Grand Jury arranged not to happen – would be to see whether it was a lie or not. (We should also note that the DA never cross examined Wilson during his Grand Jury testimony.)

There’s a broader general conclusion we have to draw from this: From individual police actions to world events, the corporate politicians and the corporate media have their own narrative, their own spin. Occasionally it’s truthful, but we should be sure to never take them at their word.

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