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The Democrats, from Ferguson to Gaza

On Wednesday, Sept. 3, Congresswoman Barbara Lee held a fund raiser here in Oakland. Lee, a member of the Black Congressional Caucus, is one of the most liberal members of the US Congress. She also says on her web page that she is a “friend of Israel,” which is certainly true as she just recently voted in favor of an additional donation of US tax dollars to help fund Israel’s war on the Palestinian people. A short time ago, Lee had held another fund raiser which also drew protesters against her support for Israel. This time, she added a new twist:

She had Congressmember Keith Ellison come also. Ellison, the only Muslim member of the US congress, was one of the few who voted against funds for Israel. At the fundraiser, he gave the protesters a “thumbs up” sign. But if he is so opposed to US support for this terrorist state, why is he helping Lee raise money?

The fact is this: The Democrats always have a few members on the outer “left” edge in order to try to prevent any protest movement from taking political independence. These ¬†representatives act to try to convince people not to give up on the Democrats, not to build an alternative. They act to draw these movements into the Democratic swamp, where it ultimately loses its way and drowns.

As they say, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Keith Ellison and Barbara Lee are the “honey”.

"Ferguson to Gaza: No to racism No to war crimes

“Ferguson to Gaza: No to racism
No to war crimes

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