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Juan Carlos Abdicates

The abdication of Spain’s King Juan Carlos and his replacement by his son, Felipe, reminds me of a joke that was told back in the ’80s:
It seems there was a police road block and they were asking for identification. Placido Domingo, the opera singer, came along and identified himself. The police didn’t believe him so they asked him to what he could do. “I can sing” he said, and he sang a little bit. “Yes, you’re a singer,” the police said, and they let him through.

Then along came a soccer star. He was asked the same thing. “I can dribble a soccer ball,” he said and he took out a soccer ball and dribbled it around, bounced it off his head, etc. “Yes, you’re a soccer player,” said the cops, and they let him through.

Then along came King Juan Carlos. “Let me through. I’m King Juan Carlos,” he said.
“What can you do?” the cops asked.
“Me? I can’t do anything,” replied Juan Carlos.
“Yep, you’re the king,” they said and let him through.

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