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Just the Facts – but the Selected Facts



A forest fire is raging in California’s Big Sur region. Forest fires in this time of year (normally the rainy season) are unheard of, but California has experienced several years of drought, making it vulnerable to such fires. This is a result of global climate disruption/global warming. Yesterday, the main newspaper in the Bay Area – the San Francisco Chronicle – published a leading article on the Big Sur fire. I had the following exchange with one of the reporters who wrote the article:


I read your article on the forest fire in Big Sur. This was just after I read this scary article by the excellent journalist Dahr Jamail on global climate change.

As is typical of almost all articles on drought, forest fires, unusual storms, your article has not a mention of the obvious fact that this forest fire in Big Sur is the result of the global climate change. Maybe you mentioned it and your editor removed it. Or maybe, knowing it wasn’t wanted, you didn’t bother to mention it because doing so would be harmful to your careers. Whatever.

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