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Overheard in a Restaurant

Overheard in a restaurant in Chicago:

As I am sitting there having my breakfast there were two older guys at the table across the room who were in their 70’s / 80’s and from their accents I would say that they were 2nd generation Eastern European Jewish and the other guy Italian.
They were talking about the Fast Food Worker’s strikes around the country.
From their previous and subsequent conversation I could tell that they were not politicaly / socialy inclined, but somehow the Fast Food Workers actions interested them.
The one said : ” What the hell do these fast food workers expect, they are already getting food stamps, Medicaid, and public assistance, and they want $ 15.00 per hour as well ? “
The other guy said : But Joe, that is why they want $ 15.00 per hour, so that they do not have to get food stamps and public assistance. “
The other Guy : ” Well I guess you have a point. McDonalds and the other places I am sure make enough money that they could afford it. “.
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