Obamacare: Caring for Private Profits at its Best


It is not easy to criticize Obama Care. And the reason for that is not that it might be considered not to be p.c. (political correct) to criticize the main “reform” of a Democratic president, nor because the Tea party supporters criticized it already enough and we (leftists, progressives, socialists) don’t want to sing along with reactionary brainless people like the Tea-bangers.

No, the main reason why it’s hard to criticize Obama Care is because you hardly know where to start.

Or as even Obama put it, trying to apologize, “I think we…have been trying to take on a healthcare system that has been broken for a very long time. … And that we’ve been trying to change it in the least disruptive way possible.”1

Yes, exactly. No disruption to any private profits or the way the US healthcare system functions in general.

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This is the web site of the Oakland/East Bay Socialist Group. We are a small group of workers, youth and retirees in the Oakland/East Bay area and are affiliated with the Workers International Network (WIN). WIN is just that - an international network that doesn't pretend to be more than it is. We believe that socialists must participate in the struggles of workers around the world, and that an essential part of that struggle is discussing and learning from our experiences. Contact us at Oaklandsocialist@gmail.com.
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One Response to Obamacare: Caring for Private Profits at its Best

  1. Stan James says:

    Supply and demand does not work with the Healthcare system…they got to pay for overhead!

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