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Attacks on Canada’s Health Care System

by Wendy Forrest

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Wendy Forrest is a nurse in Canada. Here she explains how Canadian capitalism is attacking that country’s national health care system.

As a nurse on the front line, working in a hospital in Canada’s largest city Toronto, the issue of health care is very close to my heart. In my view the private health care system in the US is an abomination. Living so close to the US, I know and have spoken to many nurses and other health care workers from the US as well as Canadian nurses who have worked there. I find it very difficult to grasp the reality of US health care. The US system of health care is not only inefficient, costly and wasteful it is in my mind deadly and immoral and reprehensible.

The following is a brief summary of the how the Canadian Health Care system has been undermined and attacked over the decades.

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