Is Corporate America Feeling the Heat?

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Participants in the protest marches against the Zimmerman verdict in both Oakland and Los Angeles commented that there seemed to be a new layer of black youth who were getting involved. (See this article for instance.) Now, there may be a new piece of evidence from another source: Corporate America. In Los Angeles, a federal judge ruled that the LAPD can be considered to be a rackateering enterprise. And in Austin, Texas, the police chief fired a cop for having shot at a man he had pulled over for running a red light.

There should be nothing remarkable about either instance, but the fact is that even when cops are caught on tape shooting or beating people they usually don’t even get a slap on the wrist. Maybe Corporate America is feeling that they have let their cops go too far and they need to reign them in. Their problem is that once set loose, it’s not so easy to put a mad dog back in his kennel

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