US Soldier Convicted for Murder in Afghanistan: Looking Back on that Crime

Mass Murder in Kandahar: Tip of the Iceberg in Afghanistan; Warning for US Society by John Reimann


Staff Sergeant Roger Bales has just been condemned to serve life in prison for the cold-blooded murder of 15 Afghan men, women and children in March of 2012. Below is an article this writer wrote at the time of this war crime.

As an adult, Staff Sergeant Roger Bales – the accused butcher of 16 Afghan men, women and children – never was a very nice person. He only joined the US military after he was caught having bilked a retired couple out of their life savings….

Most likely, outside of those directly involved, we will never know the exact details of this war crime. In fact, it is hardly relevant, because the truth is that US troops have been engaged in war crimes for years in Afghanistan and the regime here, including its corporate media, have been covering this fact up all along. By so doing, they are co-conspirators in these crimes.

read more: Mass murder in Kandahar pdf

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