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Cell Phones & Breast Cancer


A new style among young women (including teen agers) is to keep their cell phone in their bra. Now, a few doctors are starting to notice cases of breast cancer among women as young as in their early 20s. Not only that, but the cancer is exactly by where the young woman kept her cell phone. Here ( is one such story.

The industry will claim that there is no proof that the cell phone is the cause. The implication is that these young women can keep doing what they’ve been doing without a care. That’s like saying that despite a whole raft of circumstantial evidence, there is no proof that a certain person committed a series of murders and therefore nobody has to pay any attention to him or her.

Lana Berman, co-author of “Too Much Medicine, Not Enough Health” and web-master of “” also cites evidence of increased infertility among men and men carrying their cell phone in their pocket.

Finally, Berman cites evidence of links between cell phone radio waves and a whole host of illnesses. She agrees that there is no way that this technology will go away, but says that there is a different type of technology that could be used that would be less disruptive to our health. Of course, we all know why that isn’t happening.

But meanwhile, mothers: Don’t let your teen age children carry their cell phone right next to their skin.

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