The Environmentalist Manifesto

Fossil-Fuel-Bridge-Protest-None-Shall-PassThroughout the world, the global rebellion against capitalism surges ahead. At times it meets set-backs and defeat, but the overall trajectory is upward. That many if not most participants in this rebellion may not see themselves as building a global rebellion, or that this rebellion is against capitalism itself, does not alter the fact that they are.

One driving force in this rebellion is capitalism’s destruction of the environment – the very basis of life on the planet. In some cases – such as in Turkey where the initial impulse for the revolt was the plan to destroy central Istanbul’s only green space – this was the direct initial impulse. Similarly in China, the number of environmental protests has increased by 29% per year since 1996…..

One opinion poll revealed that 51% of Americans say that weather will get worse, not better, that 72% believe that global warming has made weather worse in the US, and that 82% believe they, personally, have experienced some sort of extreme weather event.3 Meanwhile, another poll reveals that among young adults in the United States, 49% have a favorable opinion of socialism vs. only 43% with a negative view. 46% have a positive view of capitalism, vs. 47% with a negative view. 4

This means that the time is ripe for a movement that links the issues of environmental destruction – especially regarding global warming – and socialism. However, in doing so, the concrete specifics, including scientific and historical fact, are necessary….

The above is an excerpt from a new pamphlet.

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