33 Million – a world historical record!


The caption says it all — “the largest number of protesters in a political event in the history of mankind.” The Egyptian masses have set a world record, and one far more important than which human being can run the fastest or lift the most weights. Of course,  the corporate-controlled media has done its best to minimize the significance of this event.

 Many in the West have complained about a president being removed before his term runs out. But why do people have to be saddled with an elected ruler until that ruler’s term runs out? Things change. The 33 million in the streets of Egypt is an amazing show of people power. Now, the question seems to be posed: How will that display of people power be institutionalized? How can it be consolidated? Can it be done through the present state apparatus, no matter who is in office, no matter if the military steps in or not?

History seems to show that it cannot.

The 33 million in the streets of Egypt have taken society by storm. This power can overcome all obstacles, if it is organized. What forms of organization have that 33 million taken up? How can an organization of that 33 million, completely outside the state apparatus, assert its will in Egypt, and thereby affect all of world history?

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