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US Media Cover-UP: The Moore Oklahoma Supertornado

In all the news items about the super tornado that almost swept away Moore, Oklahoma, there is no mention of global climate disruption.

In fact, it was just two weeks ago today (May 8) that the Wall St. Journal published a column from two “scientists” claiming that increased CO2 levels are not causing global warming or climate change. The lead author in the article was Harrison Schmitt, former astronaut and former Republican Senator from New Mexico. (Schmitt is a right wing fanatic. According to Wikipidia: ‘In a 2009 interview with libertarian talk-radio host Alex Jones, Schmitt asserted a link between Soviet Communism and the American environmental movement: “I think the whole trend really began with the fall of the Soviet Union. Because the great champion of the opponents of liberty, namely communism, had to find some other place to go and they basically went into the environmental movement.”‘)

The article points out that the increasing levels of CO2 (now over 400 parts per million – ppm) are low compared to the Paleogene period of some 65 million years ago, when they were some 3,000 ppm. The authors forgot to mention that in that period there were no polar ice caps and that sea levels were tens of meters higher than today.

The global warming deniers forgot to mention that this is all that existed of North America in the Paleogene Period.

The global warming deniers forgot to mention that this is all that existed of North America in the Paleogene Period.

This is the blatant dishonesty of the global warming deniers, and it shows the level of journalistic honesty of the foremost newspaper of US capitalism that they should even publish such blatant misrepresentation.

Nor is there much coverage of the role of Oklahoma’s two US senators – James Inhofe (another global climate disruption/global warming denier) and Tom Coburn. Both these senators opposed spending federal aid money to victims of Superstorm Sandy on the US East Coast last winter. Now, they are both asking for similar aid for the Oklahoma tornado victims.

A couple of years ago, I called a call center that happened to be located in Oklahoma. I got to chatting with the woman on the other end. Oklahoma was at that time being devastated by a heat wave and drought, yet that woman claimed global climate disruption was a myth. I wonder what that woman is thinking now.




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