Malik: Afghanistan Life in Really Bad Situation

Malik is an Afghani refugee in Germany. Recently, he sent a note to Oaklandsocialist describing the situation for Afghanis, both those living in Afghanistan and in Germany. According to the German government, Afghanistan is a “safe” country so the refugees cannot be political refugees… and must be sent back. But Merkel cannot explain why, when the German foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, visited Afghanistan a year ago, he had to wear body armor and while he was talking with Afghani politicians a suicide bomber killed several dozen people just a few hundred yards away.

War in Afghanistan

War in Afghanistan

afghan people for the rest of they life are in really in bad situation ,a lot of thing happen but no one see them it’s more then 35 years it’s like that it’s mean before I born and this is destiny  majority of my people . and even in Europa as you see history again….; in all of this years war and immigration cause a lot of damage for all and the important one is education most of afghan people have almost no chance to education in Afghanistan , Iran , Pakistan there is a lot of reason and that is long story here I don’t want to talk about it .the problem is now no one can speak English and protect they right only a few can speak that’s not enough and this is the negative point all of the politicians use this way so easy for they goal without any damage for example they say why Afghanistan people deport them self ? it show there is no problem and it safe foreign minister going Kabul with a lot of guard and very high security situation with bulletproof vests and look into the camera and say every thing is okay here!!!! Do not care about suicide bombing in Kabul the same day……….. here for us still no justice, discrimination and racism almost they same situation in Afghanistan and neighborhood country ; we do big risk and come here about 7’8 thousand kilometer but still most people look at us with our nationality not with reality, human right

Afghan refugees seeking asylum in Germany

Afghan refugees seeking asylum in Germany

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